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Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan was awarded by ABA in 5 nominations

Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan was awarded by ABA in 5 nominations

Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan was awarded by the Azerbaijan Banks Association (ABA) for its activities in 2023. The bank was awarded in 5 different nominations for the projects implemented during the past year.

Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan was awarded the "Corporate Social Responsibility" nomination for the projects implemented during the past year, such as 2-month training for the employees to learn the ability to establish silent communication with customers with hearing and speech disabilities conducted under the slogan "Let's create our world of equality together" dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the national leader Heydar Aliyev, Tree planting action held together with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources on the occasion of Novruz holiday, support for the "Borderless Talents" exhibition organized jointly by the Agency for Sustainable and Operational Social Security (DOST), Baku State University and Azerbaijan Banks Association and other social projects.

Also, during the past year, the Bank supported 11 young people who started new business activities in T.C.Ziraat Bank operating in Turkey. It was also awarded the "Financial Literacy Supporter" nomination for the 40-day training program that Ziraat Bank sent to the Banking School, and for supporting the organization of meetings with "Ziraat Bank" and other activities in the direction of increasing financial literacy of the Expert Groups operating in Azerbaijan.

Ziraat Bank Azerbaijan was also awarded in the nominations "Education Supporter" for the support of the families of martyrs and veterans in their children's education, "Participation in the Self-Employment Program" for providing the families of martyrs, war participants and women entrepreneurs with new equipment to start business activities in various fields within the framework of the Self-Employment Program created to support low-income families.



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