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Nar continues to support the development of mother tongue

The public speaking contest dedicated to the Day of the Azerbaijani Alphabet and language has completed. The project, initiated by the "Academy of Diction" and supported by Nar and "ASAN Volunteers" Organization, is aimed to develop the ability of youth to express themselves and encourage them to speak fluently in Azerbaijani.

The contest, consisting of 3 rounds and the final stage, brought together more than 250 speakers. The 10 participants who won the right to participate in the final stage presented their five-minute speeches on stage. The winner of the "Tell the story in your mother tongue" contest was Elza Hajiyeva, who stood out with her special speech talent. Murad Huseynli and Turkan Badalova took the 2nd places, respectively. The winners awarded with special gifts by Nar.

Considering the language as a bridge between generations and a means of cultural expression, Nar contributes to the preservation and promotion of Azerbaijani culture by supporting projects aimed at the development of our mother tongue, and provides an opportunity for the next generation to excel in communication and self-expression. For detailed information about the projects implemented by the mobile operator in the field of corporate social responsibility, please visit us at

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Nar continues to support the development of mother tongue


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