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Unibank received awards in various nominations

Unibank received awards in various nominations

Unibank was awarded for its activities in 2023. The bank is on the list of winners of the traditional "Banking Awards - 2023" award of the Azerbaijan Banks Association.

Last year, based on the support given to the socio-economic development of the country and the projects implemented, activity of "Unibank" was evaluated in three nominations. Unibank won the "Corporate social responsibility" nomination for 2023 due to its social projects and environmental measures related to the families of martyrs and veterans. During the assessment of the projects implemented during the year to increase the financial literacy of customers and security of payments, the Bank was awarded in the nomination "Educational projects on security in digital payments". For years, its continuous activity in the field of support for the creation of private businesses has made "Unibank" one of the winners in the "Participation in the Self-Employment Program" nomination.



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