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Nowruz celebration was organized in "Umid yeri" orphanage

Nowruz celebration was organized in "Umid yeri" orphanage

As a show of compassion and solidarity, the RYTHM Foundation, together with QNET employees and independent representatives, organized a remarkable Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event on March 16, 2024 at "Umid yeri" orphanage in Baku.

The event was marked by contributions from both the RYTHM Foundation and enthusiastic participants. One of the most important donations was the provision of nearly a ton of essential food supplies. In addition to food products, materials necessary for the cultural heritage of Azerbaijan were also presented at the event. It should be noted that the children of "Umid yeri" are taught the art of carpet weaving. About 50 kilograms of colored thread intended for carpet weaving was donated. This contribution not only supported local craftsmanship, but also preserved the rich art of carpet weaving.

The fact that the time of the event coincided with the eve of Nowruz holiday increased the importance of the event even more. Nowruz embodies the values of revival, solidarity and hope with its symbolic rituals and traditions. By aligning the CSR initiative with this auspicious event, RYTHM Foundation and its partners not only shared financial resources but also sent a message of joy, optimism and inclusion.

RYTHM Foundation's CSR Nowruz 2024 event is a testament to the transformative power of collective action and compassion. In a world often marked by problems and disagreements, initiatives like these serve as a beacon of hope, reminding us of our common humanity and the profound impact of small acts of kindness.



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