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AccessBank Strengthens Support for Women's Entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan

AccessBank Strengthens Support for Women's Entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan

AccessBank, a dedicated supporter of entrepreneurship, including women's entrepreneurship in Azerbaijan, continues to actively participate in the "Women's Empowerment Centers in Azerbaijan" project. This initiative, funded by the U.S. Embassy in Azerbaijan and implemented by the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE), provides women with essential advisory services, resources, and communication opportunities crucial for entrepreneurial success.

Recently, two additional training sessions were conducted at the AccessBank branch in Ganja and another at the AccessBank headquarters. These sessions, titled "Photography for SMM," offered participants insights into social media photography and engaged them in solving various group tasks.

Supported by AccessBank, upcoming training sessions in Lankaran, Baku, Ganja, and Sheki will cover topics such as "Emotional Intelligence and Customer Relations," "Financial Literacy and Access to Finance," "Photography for SMM," and "Women's Leadership and Decision-Making Enhancement."

To date, 164 women have participated in these training sessions, with 163 presenting business plans as part of the project. Notably, 30 of these plans have received seed capital awards of up to 3000 AZN. Overall, the project aims to support 65 participants with seed capital.

Launched in October 2022, the "Women's Empowerment Centers in Azerbaijan" project is scheduled for completion by September 2024. Its objectives include advancing women's skills and knowledge, fostering professional networks to bolster their economic capabilities in entrepreneurship, strengthening leadership abilities, and promoting sustainable societal integration.



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