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AccessBank Organizes Educational Event for Journalists' Children on International Children's Day

AccessBank Organizes Educational Event for Journalists' Children on International Children's Day

To celebrate International Children's Day, AccessBank, one of the country's leading banks, hosted a unique event for the children of its media partners. The event featured a tour of various bank departments, giving young participants an inside look at the operations of the financial institution. They also took part in a training session focused on enhancing financial literacy.

During the tour, the children learned about the fundamental principles of banking and customer service processes. A highlight of the event was a visit to the bank's vault, where they were introduced to the security measures for the building and staff, and observed the production of plastic cards. Additionally, the children witnessed the operations of the call center, a crucial element in ensuring customer satisfaction. They also had the chance to experience being bank employees, making the event both engaging and educational.

With the support of the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA), AccessBank organized a financial literacy training session for the children. Participants learned the basics of financial literacy, received information about banknotes, understood the importance of proper expense management, and explored the role of children in family budgeting.

Ilkin Guliyev, Member of the board, executive director on corporate, SME and retail banking at AccessBank, congratulated the children on the holiday and presented them with certificates, marking a pleasant end to a busy and interesting day.

As part of its corporate social responsibility, AccessBank will continue similar initiatives, as such events not only broaden children's horizons but also help instill a responsible attitude towards financial processes from an early age.



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