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2023 report on CSR and sponsorship activities of "Azerlotereya"

2023 report on CSR and sponsorship activities of "Azerlotereya"

"Azerlotereya" OJSC, the country's legal lottery organizer and sports betting operator, always attaches special importance to socially oriented projects aimed at the development of society. Last year, the company was selected for supporting the organization of nationally important events within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as well as signing interesting projects.

"Azerlotereya" implements many social projects, including covering the education and living expenses of all family members of martyrs studying at the universities of Azerbaijan and Turkiye under the "Loyalty to Legacy" project.

The company launched the "Everything for Karabakh" project together with the Karabakh Revival Fund. Within the framework of the project, a part of the funds obtained from the sale of "Azerlotereya" lottery tickets is donated to the Karabakh Revival Fund.

The "Misli" brand of "Azerlotereya", which always supports the priority policy of the state in the direction of sports development, is currently the main sponsor of the Azerbaijan Premier League. This step of the company greatly contributes to the development of football in the country.

One of the things done in this way is the sponsorship agreement signed between "Azerlotereya" and "Sabah" football and basketball, as well as "Mingachevir" Football Club. The goal is to provide mass participation in sports, to train young athletes, to promote social responsibility through football and basketball competitions, and to support the formation of fan culture.

"Azerlotereya" actively participates in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. In this example, the company became a partner of "Baku Marathon". Up to 20 thousand participants competed in the marathon.

One of the main directions of CSR activities of "Azerlotereya" is ecology and environmental protection. In order to contribute to environmental protection, the company joined the tree planting campaign with the motto "Green heritage for the future". It also joined the ministry's "Green Future" tree planting project and donated for the planting of many trees.

Azerlotereya, which attaches special importance to the field of education, has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) in this direction. It made a great contribution to the UNEC library by buying books in different languages for teaching in different fields.

In addition, "Azerlotereya" provided special scholarships to 11 students who scored the highest marks in their groups in the entrance exam to local universities in order to support the development of science and education within the "Year of Heydar Aliyev".

The company also supported the Professional Intelligence League, where the best participants of the country's intellectual games compete in order to contribute to the progress of science and education, and to spend their free time effectively.

"Brain Game" intellectual game hackathon was held within the cooperation of "Azerlotereya" with the ASAN Innovation Center in order to support the development of the startup ecosystem in our country.

Along with the listed works, "Azerlotereya" has always been active in other fields and acted as a sponsor in various large events. The company will continue to participate in new initiatives on important topics of CSR and sustainable development, which play an important role in the progress of our country.



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