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What social responsibility projects did Veysaloglu Group of Companies do this year?

What social responsibility projects did Veysaloglu Group of Companies do this year?

Veyseloglu Group of Companies (VGC) and businesses included in the group have implemented Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects in 2023 in various directions by taking effective steps for the welfare of country and society.


Support for education, investment in the future

Veyseloglu Group of Companies continuously supports education in order to contribute to sustainable development. For this purpose, a memorandum of cooperation with ADA University and State University of Economics (UNEC) was signed.

Investing in education, the Group of Companies has been supporting the "Build Your Future" project for 5 years, helping schoolchildren during their preparation for university.

VGC supported preparation of 20 young people from Kurdamir and Hajigabul for the 2022-2023 academic year. As a result, 19 students were awarded the title of student. Many of them will continue their education at various universities of Baku on the basis of state orders.

Veyseloglu Group of Companies has been the sponsor of this project for five times and during this time it has given 76 young people a chance to receive an education.


The Group of Companies supported the digital game camp held for the first time in Baku, contributed to the promotion of their projects by creating opportunities for talented young people to develop games with the participation of professional mentors.


"AVT Logistics", a member of the Group of Companies, supported the "School supplies" project implemented by the "YASHAT" Foundation in connection with the start of the new academic year. Within the framework of the project, gift boxes were prepared and delivered to 1152 children of 678 martyrs across the entire territory of the republic. 35 of the boxes were presented to the children of martyrs living in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic.


Revival of Karabakh is a priority

Veyseloglu Group of Companies has prepared a social film called "We Are Back" on the occasion of the 3rd anniversary of the liberation of Karabakh from occupation.

Through the short film, the topic of environmental terrorism committed in Karabakh and the importance of greening the lands is specially emphasized. The film tells about the destinies of people who were separated from their homeland, spent their childhood and youth longing for their homeland, and heroically reclaimed their lands.


Adhering to the mission of creating value for the country, the Group of Companies donated to the Karabakh Revival Fund.

In June of this year, an irrigation vehicle was presented to the Karabakh Revival Fund to irrigate the fields in Agali village of Zangilan.


This year, Veyseloglu Group of Companies was also the main sponsor of "Karabakh Night" concert, which was organized to support the restoration of the Agdam Building complex.


The group of companies also announced its support for the "Revival Cup" charity mini-football tournament initiated by the Karabakh Revival Fund.


Career opportunities for women

The Group of Companies continued its activities this year within the framework of participation in the UN project "Increasing the Economic Empowerment of Women in the South Caucasus".


"OBA" market chain also supports the career life of women within the framework of the "Women's Power" social project with the slogan "See the difference". Thus, the company plays an exceptional role in providing employment to hundreds of women by opening new jobs every year. In addition, various trainings and seminars for women are held in the regions.


"Veyseloglu" makes children's dreams come true

On June 1, "Veyseloglu Distribusiya", which is part of the Group of Companies, implemented the "Let's learn by having fun" project in Shamakhi for the children of the company's employees.


On the eve of Knowledge Day, "OBA" market chain visited the homes of some of the martyrs of the Patriotic War and congratulated schoolchildren on the start of the new academic year.


On the occasion of June 1 International Children's Protection Day, "Araz" supermarket chain met soldiers of military unit No. N with their children in Sugovushan settlement, liberated from occupation with the support of the Ministry of Defense.


"Araz" supermarket chain made children from vulnerable groups happy on the occasion of Victory Day.


"OBA Market" also organized an unforgettable day for children by traveling to regions within the framework of the "Following Dreams" project.


"OBA" market chain supports the further improvement of existing hygienic conditions by taking cleaning products to boarding schools and rural schools located in the regions and remote areas within the framework of the "Clean School" project.


On New Year's Eve, the chain of markets makes happy the children living in the territories freed from occupation with the slogan "It's a holiday in every village".


Value is created for the environment and society

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of national leader Heydar Aliyev, "Araz" supermarket chain, "Veyseloglu Distribusiya", "Ulduz" Chocolate Factory, "AVT Logistics" and "OBA" supermarket chain, which are part of the Veyseloglu Group of Companies, donated 100 each to the Karabakh Revival Fund.


"Veyseloglu Distribusiya" company got acquainted with the assistance and conditions created for animals at the IDEA Animal Care Center to pay attention to stray animals on October 4 - International Animal Protection Day. The employees of "Veyseloglu Distribusiya" spent time with the animals in the center and presented animal feed belonging to the brands to the center.


As an example of activities related to the environment, an ecological project was implemented under the slogan "Clean world, healthy life" with the joint organization of "OBA" market chain and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. As part of the campaign, areas near the shores of Zira settlement were cleaned of plastic and other waste.


Also, "Araz" supermarket chain implemented the project "Hand over batteries, protect nature" and educated the public on this topic.


Not forgetting our little friends, "Araz" provided food and water to animals living on streets, and treated them with the help of veterinarians.


"OBA" market chain also prepared shelters for stray animals within the framework of the "Love Green, Protect the Environment" project, taking into account the cold weather.


Vulnerable groups are treated with love and care

"Araz" employees, who are part of the sensitive group, are regularly involved in trainings, internship programs and courses in order to improve their professional indicators.


On the occasion of Victory Day, the supermarket chain held a fun event for children of martyrs and war veterans, as well as children from vulnerable groups. As part of the event, an animated film was shown for them in the cinema. At the end, children who had an interesting time were presented with gifts by "Araz" supermarket chain.


"OBA" market chain, which is part of the Group of Companies, provided employment to 91 citizens belonging to vulnerable groups in the first 8 months of 2023. Among them, there were 27 people with disabilities. Citizens belonging to vulnerable groups were provided with jobs in various structures of "OBA Market" LLC.


Some time ago, "OBA" signed a memorandum of cooperation with the State Employment Agency under the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population. According to the agreement, projects of mutual interest between the two institutions, as well as corporate social responsibility projects are implemented in order to support the employment of family members of the martyrs of the Patriotic War and war veterans.


"Araz" supermarket chain, together with the Baku Vocational Training Center of the State Employment Agency, organizes vocational training courses for unemployed and jobseekers within the framework of the "Support for Vocational Training" project and provides employment for those persons.


In addition, the Group of Companies provides food assistance to about 200 Karabakh veterans, families of martyrs and families belonging to other vulnerable groups on holidays and significant days.



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