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The martyr's father was sent to Turkey for treatment by the "YASHAT" Foundation

The martyr's father was sent to Turkey for treatment by the "YASHAT" Foundation

Abid Agayev, the father of the martyr of the Patriotic War, Asaf Agayev, was sent to the Republic of Turkey for treatment.

This was reported by the Public Relations Department of the State Agency for Service to Citizens and Social Innovations under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

It was reported that "YASHAT" Foundation provides continuous sending of seriously injured veterans and family members of martyrs abroad for treatment based on doctors' opinion. The foundation monitors the treatment of the referred persons until it is fully completed.

It should be noted that until today, the foundation has ensured that a total of 186 people, including 178 seriously injured and 8 martyr family members, have been sent to Turkey for treatment. The treatment procedure of 180 of them has already been successfully completed and they have returned to their homeland. Medicines intended for the treatment of those persons in the coming months are also provided by the foundation.

Detailed information about the reports of "YASHAT" Foundation and the funds spent can be obtained from the "Reports" section ( on the official website


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