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"Shokki Mokki" organized a New Year event for schoolchildren

"Shokki Mokki" organized a New Year event for schoolchildren

"Shokki Mokki", the first children's brand of "Azersun Holding", organized a New Year's event for students of 4 "Mektebim" preschools located in Ganja.

An entertaining show program, painting masterclasses and interesting scenes were organized for more than 100 children at the celebration.

Official representatives of various state institutions and organizations attended the event as guests and shared the joy of the children.

It should be noted that our national brand "Shokki Mokki" under the slogan "Happy Futures" went together with the UAFA organization and supported the opening of 70 "Mektebim" educational institutions in different regions of Azerbaijan.

Within the framework of the project, more than 70 women entrepreneurs have created conditions to start their own businesses and 100s of children have access to pre-school education.

The goal of the project is to provide quality education in the regions, as well as to create individual educational opportunities for children who need special care.



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