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"Onu oxut" (Help him/her to study), build a better world

"Onu oxut" (Help him/her to study), build a better world

The Red Hearts Foundation, which adds value to the life of our society, launched the next "Onu oxut" (Help him/her to study) campaign. Scholarships will be awarded to students from socially vulnerable groups due to the funds collected in the donation campaign within the framework of the "Red Hearts Education Scholarship Program":

Currently, more than 20 students who want to take advantage of the opportunities of the campaign have applied to the Red Hearts Fund.

Donations can be made through the Foundation's website, Kapital Bank terminals, including the Birbank mobile application, to join the campaign and shine a light on the bright future of young people.

P.S. Do you have a cool CSR idea and/or looking for a sponsor? Please fill the form on Opportunities page or discuss it via forum


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