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NEQSOL Holding Launches Parla Scholarship in cooperation with Education Development Fund

NEQSOL Holding Launches Parla Scholarship in cooperation with Education Development Fund

NEQSOL Holding is implementing an integrated program named Parla in cooperation with the Education Development Fund, providing scholarship to 50 female university students in Azerbaijan.

The 50 successful beneficiaries of the Parla scholarship program, established by NEQSOL Holding, were selected last year from a pool of 674 applicants, based on criteria jointly set by the partners. Success in their education, as well as economic status, were taken into consideration. The selected students will benefit monthly payments deposited into their accounts till their graduation date. Moreover, NEQSOL Holding offers a comprehensive set of programs to female students such as internships, mentorship, access to global top university programs and LinkedIn learning tools through NEQSOL Academy.

Speaking at the event, Imran Ahmadzada, Head of NEQSOL Holding Azerbaijan, said that support for education is an important part of the holding’s Corporate Impact strategy, whereas inclusion is among the holding’s core values. Referring to the name of the program, Parla, which means “Shine” in English, Imran Ahmadzada stated:

“There is only thing we expect from you: shine! Unleash your full potential. Be strong, well-educated and skilled for new challenges. Shine so bright that you can enlighten the path for other young women. Just shine! We will be with you to support you along this way”.

Elnur Nasibov, Chairman of the Board of Education Development Fund, described the program as a successful example of private-public partnership for female students. Mentioning the special program designed to develop their personal and professional skills, Mr. Nasibov said: "With the support of Parla program, female students can also participate in the labour market more prepared, besides studying better during their University years".

Education and recruitment advisors, and representatives of foundations implementing similar programs in other countries also spoke during the event attended by the beneficiaries and other guests.

NEQSOL Holding is an international group of companies working in 11 countries in the areas of telecom, energy, construction and hi-tech.



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