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Last year, Araz supermarket chain provided jobs to about 5,000 young people

Last year, "Araz" supermarket chain provided jobs to about 5,000 young people

"Araz" supermarket chain, which is part of Veysaloglu Group of Companies (VŞQ), is a large employer that provides employment for young people and trains professional personnel for the labor market. The company creates job opportunities for young people who have just started working and have no work experience, along with professional personnel with long experience. Last year alone, the "Araz" supermarket chain provided employment to nearly 5,000 young people. Currently, more than 50% of employees in "Araz" are young people. Most of them are young people who started working without work experience and successfully continued their activities here.


Investment in human capital


In order to increase the knowledge and skills of young people who have started working in "Araz", trainings are regularly organized and improvement programs are implemented. At the same time, individual development plans are developed and implemented in order to increase the professional indicators of employees. As a result of this, young people who started working from lower positions gain the necessary knowledge and skills in the relevant fields and achieve career advancement. At present, about 300 young specialists are represented in "Araz". 20% of those working in leadership positions are young people.


Preparation of professional personnel for the labor market


"Araz" also closely participates in the projects implemented by the State Employment Agency (DMA) in order to ensure the employment of young people. Within the framework of joint projects, unemployed and jobseekers are first involved in training, and then they are provided with jobs in various vacancies in the "Araz" supermarket chain. One of such projects is "Support for Vocational Training". Within the framework of the joint project of "Baku Vocational Training Center" and "Araz", both theoretical and practical trainings on sales and cashier professions are held.

With this, the "Araz" supermarket chain creates the opportunity for young people who have theoretical knowledge to apply this knowledge in practice, and trains human capital - personnel in accordance with the requirements of the modern labor market.



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