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"Final" tea has implemented a project in Lachin

"Final" tea has implemented a project in Lachin

The "Knowledge Everywhere" project was implemented this time in Lachin region and Zabukh village. The project was organized within the framework of the joint cooperation of "Final" tea, "Innovation Center" of "ASAN service" and "Baku Science Center".

The project covers schoolchildren aged 6-14 living in remote areas. The main goal is to acquaint students with modern science, to enable them to learn programming and technological skills.

It is also aimed to raise awareness in the field of innovation and technology. Within the framework of the project, about 100 students were given various trainings and master classes in the field of design, natural sciences and technology. Students who gained new knowledge tried to apply what they learned in real life.

In addition, educational and intellectual games were played and a "Science show" was shown. At the end, students were given certificates and gifts from "Final" tea. For 30 years, "Final" tea, which has been received with great sympathy and love, has developed based on quality with the application of modern technologies and has always kept consumers in mind with innovations.



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