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Farmers were trained in Kurdamir within the framework of "From city to village" and AFAQ projects

Farmers were trained in Kurdamir within the framework of "From city to village" and AFAQ projects

Within the framework of the Agrarian Active Azerbaijani Women (AFAQ) and "From city to village" projects implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture with the support of "PASHA Holding", trainings were held for farmers in Kurdamir region, and support was provided to women farmers.

The Department of Public Relations and Information Assurance of the Ministry informed that 46 farmers of the region participated in the training organized on the topic "Fundamentals of Agrotourism". The training covered types of agrotourism, organization of service areas, conducting market research and other topics.

At the same time, support was provided to women farmers operating in the agricultural sector in Kurdamir region. Thus, 9 female farmers whose farms were inspected and met the requirements of the project were given "ANTIVARROA" device to clean bees from "Varroa" mites. These devices help reduce bee diseases and help farmers harvest more.

It should be noted that the goal of the "From city to village" project is to develop agrotourism in our country, increase the employment of the population living in the regions, create an alternative sales channel for local farms, as well as different tourism opportunities for city residents and foreign tourists.

Within the framework of the project, 267 farm owners have participated in trainings conducted by local and foreign experts. In order to develop the farm area and increase the level of service for tourists, 22 farms were renovated and provided with various equipment.

AFAQ project serves to increase the employment of women, their access to information, resources and markets, as well as the number of agrarian business entities managed by women, and to improve socio-economic well-being in the regions.

Until now, during the project period, 286 farms have been evaluated, 447 farmers have been trained. In total, 213 women were given appropriate equipment and supported with assets.



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