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COP29 Operating Company Launches National Commitment Program

COP29 Operating Company Launches National Commitment Program

Today, COP29 Azerbaijan Operating Company has started preliminary discussions at the national level on the formation of sustainability and environmental criteria, which are an integral part of the "COP29 Sponsorship and Partnership" strategy.

It was noted that the company has presented the COP29 Sponsorship program to the private sector since May of this year. According to the national commitment program, voluntary corporate commitments related to sustainability goals will be applied to foreign and international sponsors within the COP29 Sponsorship program and they will be instilled with relevant competencies to fulfill these commitments.

At the seminar, which was attended by about fifty leaders of the national business sector, a presentation was held on the current projects for the COP29 Conference, general preparatory measures and, finally, the National commitment criteria adapted exclusively for national business representatives. The national commitment program is inspired by the global "Race to Zero" and the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) of the Republic of Azerbaijan in accordance with the Bonn Agreement until November, and is designed to address both social and industrial decarbonization, water, agriculture, desertification, transition to green energy, as well as it has been accepted as a sponsorship criterion for local companies in social and other topics.

Private companies meet the sponsorship criteria by assessing their internal potential to meet climate goals, formulating their future strategies based on the knowledge and experience gained in partnership with COP29, and participating in the National Commitment Program aimed at increasing accountability and governance resources.

Companies are expected to set their strategic goals within the framework of the program for the next 12-24 months.

It was highlighted that this program is an important step forwarded by the COP-29 Operating Company to enable national private sector giants to actively participate in the Conference as well as improve their sustainability behavior according to this year's set of professional guidance and guidelines for the "Year of Solidarity for a Green World". initiative.

Those interested in sponsorship and partnership within COP29 can contact by e-mail.



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