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By the support of Kapital Bank, an informative training on “Export Financing” was held

By the support of Kapital Bank, an informative training on “Export Financing” was held

The training was organized by the “One Stop Shop” Export Support Centre at Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication with the support of Kapital Bank.

The purpose of the project was to increase and facilitate inclusivity for Azerbaijani foreign trade representatives to quickly access financial resources, expand the use of trade-finance tools for exporters who regularly face liquidity problems, and inform them about innovative financial instruments.

Representatives from Kapital Bank also participated in the training. In his speech, Elchin Mustafayev, Deputy Director of the Small and Medium Business Department, talked about the importance of holding such meetings with entrepreneurs, the steps taken by the bank in the field of entrepreneurship, the opportunities created for entrepreneurs, and the focus of all initiatives on improving customer-centric service. At the training, Orkhan Mursalov, Manager of SME and Corporate Products, and Ismet Vekilov, Product Owner at Kapital Bank, provided extensive information to entrepreneurs on overdrafts, customs credit lines, factoring, trade transaction financing, advance payments during export, and letters of credit.

Following the speeches, an exchange of ideas took place, and participants’ questions were answered.



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