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An educational event for schoolchildren took place at Yelo Bank

An educational event for schoolchildren took place at Yelo Bank

A few days before the start of the new academic year, Yelo Bank and the Main State Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs signed an important project to ensure the safety of schoolchildren on the roads.

Thus, an educational presentation took place for the employees’ children at the Bank’s Head Office with the participation of representatives of the State Traffic Police.

This presentation emphasized the importance of following traffic rules, recognizing road signs, and being well-prepared for schoolchildren as pedestrians and future drivers.

At the end, each child who participated in the event was presented with a certificate, educational and fun gifts related to the topic.

Corporate Social Responsibility is one of Yelo Bank’s priority activities. Focusing on customer-oriented services, the Bank also carries out consistent social activities for the welfare of our society. The Bank will continue its support projects for children and youth, who are our future.

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