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Yelo Bank won in 5 nominations!

Yelo Bank won in 5 nominations!

For its activities in 2023, Yelo Bank was awarded by the Azerbaijan Banks Association (ABA) in 5 nominations: "Corporate Social Responsibility", "Supporter of education", "ABA member who held events related to increasing the financial accessibility of small and medium businesses", "Digital implementation of innovative projects in the field of payments", "Participation in the Self-Employment Program".

As a bank with Corporate Social Responsibility as one of the main areas of its activity, Yelo implemented many environmental, social and educational projects last year. With the many educational projects, it initiated and supported, it had a positive impact on the career planning of young people without work experience. Yelo Bank implements continuous projects and campaigns to ensure the financial accessibility of the real sector, especially small and medium-sized businesses. It continues to contribute to the stimulation of digital payments with its mobile application and internet banking products. In addition, Yelo Bank has been an active participant of the Self-Employment Program for several years. Last year, the Bank donated equipment to 6 women and 6 men, belonging to 12 socially vulnerable groups of citizens, to start their own businesses.



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