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The All-Republic Forum of the National NGO Forum was held in Baku

The All-Republic Forum of the National NGO Forum was held in Baku

On January 10, the All-Republic Forum of the National NGO Forum was held in Baku.

About 300 heads of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) participated in the Forum.

Pointing out that a new era has begun in the activities of the National NGO Forum, President of the organization, Rauf Zeini, said that Azerbaijan National NGO Forum has been effective in developing NGOs in the process of building civil society in the country, strengthening this movement in regions, and conveying the truths of Azerbaijan to the world community in the past 25 years. According to him, the Forum, which actively participates in the construction of civil society in the country, unites 100 NGOs of various profiles in its ranks. In the last 1 month, Azerbaijan National NGO Forum held forums in 5 regions of the republic - Lankaran, Guba, Shaki, Ganja and Nakhchivan, and more than 250 local NGOs participated in these events. Today, the regional forums are concluded with the All-Republic Forum.

Speaking about the work done in the areas of public control, participation, increasing transparency and other areas, R. Zeini pointed out that forums are regularly held in the regions.

According to him, in the regional forums of the organization, current situation of the civil society, tasks ahead are analyzed, public discussions are held on the processes taking place in the country, attitude of civil society to these processes and other issues, opinions and proposals of NGOs are listened to.

Emphasizing that Azerbaijan has created a reality with its victories, R. Zeini noted that NGOs also have a great responsibility for the protection of the independence and sovereignty and future development of our country. He also pointed out that the Congress of the National NGO Forum will be held in March.


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