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SOCAR sponsors Galatasaray FC, @EUR 5mln a year

SOCAR sponsors Galatasaray FC: A sponsorship agreement has been signed between the State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SOCAR) and the Turkish football club Galatasaray, Report informs. The signing ceremony took place at Ali Sami Yen Sports Complex.

The total value of the three-year sponsorship deal is 15 million euros.

Per the agreement, in the 2023/2024 season, Galatasaray will play in all official club tournaments held under the UEFA flag (including the Champions League, Europa League and Conference League), with the SOCAR logo on the uniform.

SOCAR also received the right to use the slogan "Energy sponsor of the Galatasaray football team" in the media.


SOCAR sponsors Galatasaray FC

  • Our vision:

  • For SOCAR, this sponsorship provides an excellent opportunity to enhance brand visibility and reach a wider audience. By having the SOCAR logo on Galatasaray's uniform during official club tournaments under the UEFA flag, the company can gain significant exposure and increase brand recognition among football fans, both domestically and internationally.

  • Additionally, associating with a popular and successful football club like Galatasaray can create positive brand associations for SOCAR. The club's strong fan base and passionate supporters can help build a positive image for the company and enhance its reputation.

  • Furthermore, the sponsorship agreement allows SOCAR to use the slogan "Energy sponsor of the Galatasaray football team" in the media. This can be leveraged for marketing and promotional activities, allowing SOCAR to showcase its commitment to supporting sports and the local community.

  • For Galatasaray, the sponsorship brings financial support and stability. The 15 million euros over three years can provide the club with the necessary resources to invest in player transfers, training facilities, and other infrastructure improvements. This financial backing can help strengthen the competitive position of the team and increase their chances of success in domestic and international competitions.

  • Moreover, having a prominent sponsor like SOCAR can enhance the credibility and reputation of Galatasaray. The association with a well-established and respected company can attract further sponsorship and investment opportunities, allowing the club to secure additional revenue streams and sustain its long-term growth.

  • Overall, this sponsorship agreement between SOCAR and Galatasaray has the potential to be mutually beneficial. It allows SOCAR to enhance brand visibility, create positive brand associations, and showcase its commitment to supporting sports. For Galatasaray, the sponsorship brings financial stability, enhanced credibility, and the potential for further investment.


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