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Reportage with FCHAIN'S young and talented gymnast Zuleikha Shabanova

Reportage with FCHAIN'S young and talented gymnast Zuleikha Shabanova

FCHAIN’s Public Relations Manager Gunel Musa visited the young gymnast Zuleikha Shabanova, who is officially sponsored by Financial Chain Corporation, in "Pro Sport Club" and talked with her, her coaches and choreographer.

Entering the sport hall, the little gymnasts, who are diligently training, their mysterious sports movements attract my attention. So much perseverance and strength in small bodies...

My eyes are looking for our little sport princess Züleikha, suddenly someone runs to me and hugs, shouting “FCHAIN”! Yes, FCHAIN ​​has won the love of this physically small, but spiritually big heart, and today I also got a share of this happiness.


We start our talk with the beautiful gymnast about how she came to the professional gymnastics. Zuleikha Shabanova, who has been practicing gymnastics for 3 years, said that she loved this sport when she first saw it.


"My close relative was engaged in gymnastics as an amateur, and I got to know gymnastics thanks to her. But I liked it so much that I wanted to become a professional gymnast" - shared our young and talented gymnast.


There was such a strong spirit in this little girl, the spirit of sport, one could not help but be amazed. When talking about the training process, Zuleikha Shabanova answers the question, "Is it not hard for you? - On the contrary, I am getting stronger every day." I would like to mention that the beautiful gymnast already has many successes and her dream is to proudly represent our country at the World Championships.


When asked what has changed since signing the sponsorship contract with FCHAIN, our talented gymnast says that she is very proud and happy.


"After FCHAIN ​​sponsored me, I became more popular. I participate in many competitions and I believe that I will become a well-known gymnast," Züleikha said.


Züleikha's coaches Leyla Huseynli and Samira Salimzade spoke highly of the little gymnast, saying that she is very responsible and persistent.


“All gymnasts of “Pro Sport Club" are enthusiastic and work on themselves, but Zuleikha stood out from all of them," said the gymnast's coach Samira Salimzade.


Another coach of the promising gymnast, Leyla Huseynli, focused more on future plans.


"We have many competitions ahead. Currently, intensive training is underway for the international competition to be held in April in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. We strongly believe that we will succeed. Also, our "FCHAIN ​​CUP" Competition will be held in the coming days, for which we are especially preparing," Leyla Huseynli said.


I am approaching the creative side of gymnastics, choreographer Farid Kazakov.


“It is impossible to perform gymnastics without choreography. Zuleikha is a very talented gymnast, we have high hopes for her. She works so enthusiastically that she inspires us to be the author of greater works," said the choreographer.


We end our reportage by wishing our gymnasts and coaches good luck in the competitions.


I would like to point out that Financial Chain Corporation has always supported sports activities to the best of its opportunities and will continue to do it in the future as well.



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