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"PASHA Bank" was awarded four prestigious awards by ABA

"PASHA Bank" was awarded four prestigious awards by ABA

"PASHA Bank", the country's leading corporate financial institution, was selected as the winner of several nominations of the "Banking Awards" competition held by the Azerbaijan Banks Association (ABA).

Thus, in the competition held among all the participants of the banking sector in the country, results of the activities of financial institutions for the year 2023 were evaluated.

According to the decision made by the association's experts, "PASHA Bank" was awarded prestigious awards in 4 areas. Thus, the bank was chosen as the winner in the directions of "Corporate social responsibility", "ABA member which held events related to increasing the financial accessibility of small and medium-sized businesses", "Introduction of innovative projects in the field of digital payments" and "Educational projects on security in digital payments".

It should be noted that "PASHA Bank" was distinguished by ABA in the past years as a winner in "Corporate social responsibility", "Increasing the financial accessibility of small and medium businesses", "ABA member distinguished by measures in the field of promotion of non-cash payments" and a number of other nominations.



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