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Nar prepares ICT specialists in regions of Azerbaijan

Nar prepares ICT specialists in regions of Azerbaijan

Attaching special importance to the regions with its affordable prices and social projects, Nar held a high-level meeting at the Azerbaijan University of Technology located in Ganja, launching the first cooperation project with the university.

The first project implemented within the framework of the memorandum of understanding for long-term cooperation was the "Fundamentals of Mobile Communication" training prepared and conducted by the field experts of Nar for students studying technical specialties. The training aimed to prepare industrial specialists who master advanced mobile technologies and build careers in their specialties, allows students to enrich their theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

It should be noted that Nar and Azerbaijan University of Technology signed a Memorandum of Understanding in February this year and started cooperation in the direction of training telecom professionals. The cooperation primarily aims to prepare communication professionals of the country by building a bridge between the communication industry and academic education in the regions of Azerbaijan.

Please visit us at for more information about the social projects carried out by Nar.



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