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"Let's give a life. Wings of Hope" social project was presented at the International Mugham Center

"Let's give a life. Wings of Hope" social project was presented at the International Mugham Center

There was a presentation of the social project "Let's give a life. Wings of Hope - kalagayi against selective abortions" at the International Mugham Center. The project was developed by Sabina Zulalova and Zumrud Rustamova with the support of the State Committee on Family, Women and Children's Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Speakers spoke at the event, a photo exhibition was organized, and a video presentation was held. Kalagayi was chosen as the symbol of the project.

 "Let's give a life. Wings of Hope" project is to show the connection between birth of girls and transmission of cultural heritage, and to express the problem through the element of culture.

Sabina Zulalova, one of the founders of the project, designer, writer, informed in an interview how the idea of this project was created and what works were done.

According to the organizers, the work on the project continued for about six months. In addition to the organization and supervision of shootings, meetings were organized with various representatives of both state and international organizations.

"We were assisted by the State Committee on Family, Women and Children's Affairs, Ministry of Culture and International Mugham Center, which supported us in the development of the platform and music. "Khazar" TV channel and its radio stations broadcasted the videos, organized the SMM, Baku Media Center allocated a team for the reportage of the event itself, "ASAN service" supported video broadcasts at reception points of citizens both in Baku and in the regions, ADRA posted information on city monitors, our friends organized a buffet, private companies and banks responded to our call to join the project as sponsors. We express our deep gratitude to every person who did not remain indifferent and contributed to the future of our country", said Sabina Zulalova.

Another organizer, professional business coach, founder of "coaching" projects, kalagayi collector Zumrud Rustamova talked about the selection of kalagayi as a symbol of the project.

The organizers of the project plan to popularize the presentation materials by providing video clips to medical institutions and placing them as advertisements on city monitors.



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