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Kapital Bank continues to support the education and development of young people

Kapital Bank continues to support the education and development of young people

The country's first bank, Kapital Bank, places great importance on education-based projects and the development of professionals. As part of these initiatives, the “Birbank” scholarship program was announced for students in July 2023. This scholarship program targets third-year students with university entrance scores of 550 or higher and an academic performance average of 81 or above. Students who successfully passed the multi-stage selection process earned the title of “Birbank Scholar”.

The scholarship program has already yielded positive results. In addition to receiving scholarships, students participated in three internal banking sessions on “Data”, “Agile”, and “Steps Towards a Career”. Furthermore, two training sessions on “Career and Professional Development” and “Communication and Presentation Skills” were conducted. These sessions were designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills for their professional development.

The next phase involves internship programs aligned with the scholars’ fields of study. Students have begun a three-month internship at Kapital Bank in their respective areas of education.

Soon, members of the “Birbank” scholarship program will also be involved in a mentorship program. Overall, by the end of the year, six sessions and at least three meetings with mentors will be organized. The aim is to enhance students’ knowledge and skills related to their specific fields. Additionally, two more training sessions focusing on the development of soft skills are planned for October-November.



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