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"Education of Elderly for Equal Citizenship" initiative

"Education of Elderly for Equal Citizenship" initiative

The Elderly Education Consultancy Center implements the "Education of Elderly for Equal Citizenship" initiative with the support of the "Development of innovation-based and sustainable civil society in Azerbaijan" project implemented by the United Nations Development Program funded by the European Union.

The goal of the project is for women and men from rural and remote regions of Lankaran-Astara region to actively participate in the promotion of sustainable development, human rights, gender equality, culture of peace and non-violence, global citizenship and recognition of cultural diversity.

The project will last until April 30, 2024. As a result of the project, local residents of Lankaran-Astara region, representatives of civil society and other active members will increase their knowledge and skills in the field of equal citizenship.

The main beneficiaries of the project are men and women living in Masalli, Lankaran, Astara, Lerik, Yardimli, Jalilabad districts.




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