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Bakcell-supported Google AI Hackathon held in Baku

Bakcell-supported Google AI Hackathon held in Baku

First time in Azerbaijan, the Google AI Hackathon event was organized by Tech Academy and officially sponsored by Bakcell.

This innovation and AI event was hosted by the Innovation and Digital Development Agency and brought together creative minds, AI enthusiasts, developers, and programmers. Over two days, 20 teams competed in the hackathon, trying to find innovative solutions using Google’s sensational AI platform, Gemini.

"That such an ambitious event is held in Baku is a sure sign of Azerbaijan’s leadership in the technology sector and our support for innovations. The creativity and talent the teams have shown are truly inspirational. We wholeheartedly support today’s event and stand together with the bright youth of Azerbaijan,” said Klaus Mueller, CEO of Bakcell.

The hackathon winners were determined at the end of the second day based on the decision made by a jury that included a Bakcell employee. Team CODAGE came first and was awarded 3000 AZN; “JOSUA VERSE” and “LİBRA VƏ SPARK” won second and third places and were awarded 2000 AZN and 1000 AZN, respectively.



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