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The implementation of the second stage of the Azad Mirzajanzadeh Development Program has started

Azad Mirzajanzadeh: "The implementation of the second stage of the Development Program has started"

A meeting was held with the participants selected for the second stage of Azad Mirzajanzadeh Development Program.

Leyla Seyidzadeh, coordinator of the Azad Mirzajanzadeh Development Program, and Tebriz Rzayev, representative of the Regional Development Public Union, made an opening speech at the event held at "JW Marriott" hotel, and talked about the issues that were met within the framework of the project. It was stated in the speeches that 41 people successfully completed the first stage of the project and won the right to participate in the second stage.

The event continued with speeches of participants - Anar Aliyev, Deputy Vice-President of SOCAR's Production Operations Segment; Lala Akhundova, Doctor of Philosophy in Medical Sciences, Ophthalmologist; Jalal Orujov, Member of the Board of Directors of "PASHA Bank" and Chief Operating Officer; the head of the practice department operating within the Department of Public Relations and Marketing at ASOIU, Sabina Aliyeva, a graduate of the zad Mirzajanzadeh program; Vugar Sadiq, the founder of the "Ugur Yolu" company and Leyla Seyidzadeh, a graduate of the program - on project management, the importance of ethical norms in society, and other topics, as well as panel discussions.

During the meeting, volunteers of the Regional Development Public Union held an "ice-breaking" team game for the participants.

In the next stage of the project, sessions with mentors, meetings and trainings on selected topics are planned, and financial resources will be allocated for the implementation of the winning projects.

It should be recalled that Azad Mirzajanzadeh Development Program, implemented by the Regional Development Public Union, aims to identify young people who are able to evaluate new opportunities, find creative solutions to current problems, who are trying to contribute to a sustainable future, who have flexible, innovative approaches, and to support their development.


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