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"Araz" supermarket chain participated in tree planting campaign

"Araz" supermarket chain participated in tree planting campaign

"Araz" supermarket chain implements various projects for the purpose of ecology and nature protection within the "Green World Solidarity Year". In this direction, a tree planting campaign was organized by the initiative of "Araz" supermarket chain and with support of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources. Employees of the Ministry and "Araz" supermarket chain and eco-volunteers took part in the action with the slogan "Protecting nature is in my hands".

As part of the action, Eldar pine and olive trees suitable for the soil and climate conditions of the Absheron peninsula were planted in a specially allocated area in Mushfigabad settlement.

It should be noted that the area is equipped with a drip irrigation system, and technical water obtained from the treatment of waste water formed in the settlement is used to irrigate the greenery.

The purpose of the action is to direct the public's attention to nature protection, restoration and increase of greenery, and to contribute to nature by encouraging citizens to plant trees.



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