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Another tree planting campaign was held around the "Chovdar" gold deposit

Another tree planting campaign was held around the "Chovdar" gold deposit

"AzerGold" Closed Joint Stock Company (CJSC) held another tree-planting action near the "Chovdar" gold deposit.

50 employees of the Joint-Stock Company participated in the action organized for the purpose of increasing the green areas of the region and contributing to ensuring the ecological balance within the framework of the "Green World Solidarity Year". 1,000 linden trees were planted in accordance with local conditions on 1 hectare area, and agrotechnical maintenance was provided. Also, within the framework of the event, appropriate improvement works were carried out in the area.

It should be noted that "AzerGold" CJSC provides consistent and systematic support to environmental protection, which it has declared as one of the priority areas in ensuring its activities. To date, the CJSC has planted more than 15,000 trees and bushes in accordance with the local conditions near the "Chovdar" field and gold mines located on the outskirts, and planted greenery. Also, numerous initiatives have been implemented in order to protect rare and endangered plant species, as well as biodiversity in Dashkasan region. Last year, the CJSC was awarded by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources in the nomination "The best partner supporting environmental projects within the framework of corporate social responsibility".



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