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Young telecom specialists are practicing in "Nar" network

Young telecom specialists are practicing in "Nar" network

"Nar" started an internship program for students studying IT and communication specialties in order to train professionals in the field of mobile communications in Azerbaijan. 10 selected students will do internship in Network technologies department.

Within the framework of the program, which will last until the end of May, students will work together with the professional technical staff of "Nar" and will gain invaluable practical knowledge for their future careers. The internship program is held in the framework of the education support direction of Nar's CSR strategy and in cooperation with Azerbaijan Technical University (AzTU).

Within the framework of this cooperation, "Nar" GSM laboratory operates at the university, technical staff of "Nar" conducts training on the basics of mobile communication, and AzTU students are involved in internship programs.



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