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With support of "For Azerbaijan",, an informative site in the field of psychology was launched

The training and certification processes for the professional experience enhancement component of the "Increasing psychological rehabilitation opportunities in Azerbaijan" (APRIA) project implemented by "For Azerbaijan" international charity organization jointly with "PASHA Insurance" have been successfully completed.

In the next stage of the project, presentation of website, which contains detailed information about post-traumatic stress disorder and is a community platform of local psychologists who have successfully completed training, was carried out. Project participants and internationally certified psychologists who successfully completed the training took part in the event.

Program Director of "For Azerbaijan" international organization Elnur Kalantarov welcomed the participants and gave extensive information about the advantages and differences of the newly created website. He said that the main goal of the site is to strengthen the exchange of experience among psychologists who have been awarded international certificates in Azerbaijan, to support people suffering from PTSD, to publicize information about the most effective and approved treatment methods for PTSD, and to increase awareness among people.

Also, Elnur Kalantarov said that detailed information about psychologists who have received international certification, protocols on various resources and exchange of experience in this field are placed on the site, and that various preliminary psychological tests are also available to users in the test section of the site.

For the first time in Azerbaijan,, an informative portal in the field of psychology, has created opportunities for interactive and direct contact with psychologists.

In addition to correctly informing and guiding people suffering from PTSD, the portal also contains extensive information about cognitive processing therapy and written exposure therapy methods that are widely used in the treatment of this disease. At the end of the event, questions of the participants were answered.

"For Azerbaijan" international charity organization, organized by Azerbaijanis who have built successful careers in different countries of the world, implements various future-oriented social, educational and healthcare projects in our country together with state institutions and private organizations.


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