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Unicapital sponsored the "TEDxBHOS" conference

Unicapital sponsored the "TEDxBHOS" conference

On 21.04.2024, TEDxBHOS conference was held for the 4th time in our country under the official license of TED, based on the initiative of Baku Higher Oil School.

10 speakers who have achieved success in various fields and are well-known in our country and globally spoke at the event. Various and little-known directions of personal and career development were highlighted at the conference.

Unicapital Investment Company, which has taken admirable steps in the direction of education and development of young people in our country in recent times, contributed to the event as a sponsor.

At the conference, it was observed that young people have great sympathy and interest in the field of investment.

It should be noted that some time ago "Unicapital" held a seminar on "Capital markets" with students of "ADA" University within the framework of bilateral cooperation.

All this is a clear example of how "Unicapital Investment Company" OJSC places education of the younger generation in the field of investment as one of the main priorities in the company's long-term development prospects.

It should be noted that "Unicapital" Investment Company has been operating as a professional participant of stock markets for 17 years. The company, which charter capital is 100% owned by Unibank, is currently the largest investment company in our country with a customer base of over 800,000.



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