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Unibank supported the holiday event held for the children of martyrs

Unibank supported the holiday event held for the children of martyrs

On the occasion of the third anniversary of the Victory in the Patriotic War, a festive event was held for the children of martyrs. Unibank supported the holiday event "Children of Victory" organized by the Public Union for Support to Education of Women and Children. Within the framework of the event, a visit was made to Guba region with the families of martyrs, and Victory Day was celebrated at Guba Arena Hotel.

During the festive event, entertainment programs and quizzes were organized for the children of martyrs, and various gifts were given to the children. Commemorative gifts with the names of our heroes were also presented to the children who participated in the event.

Unibank is closely involved in the implementation of important projects that support the development of our country and improvement of the social condition of our citizens in the field of corporate social responsibility, which is one of the main directions of its brand strategy. Since 2020, which was written in our history with the Patriotic War and Victory Day, projects related to martyrs and veterans have been chosen as a priority direction in the CSR events of the Bank.



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