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Unibank has started cooperation in the direction of supporting "Green projects"

Unibank has started cooperation in the direction of supporting "Green projects"

Unibank started cooperation with AIFC Green Finance Center (Astana International Financial Center) in the direction of organizing green financing and issuing "green bonds" according to ICMA standards. This cooperation will make it possible to implement projects in the direction of "ESG" (Environment, Social and Governance), which is one of the Bank's strategic development priorities for 2024. Unibank pays special attention to the support of "green projects" in the direction of the implementation of this strategy.

"Unicapital" Investment Company will act as a consultant and supporter in the direction of capital markets in the implementation of the "Green Bonds" emission project against the background of bilateral cooperation. The issuance of "green bonds" is one of the projects that will contribute to the development of Azerbaijan's financial infrastructure and focus on environmental protection.

In accordance with the principles of "green bonds" established by the International Capital Markets Association, the funds raised through the issue will be directed to the financing of ecologically promising projects.

It should be noted that 2024 has been declared the "Green World Solidarity Year" in Azerbaijan. Within the framework of the year, both state and private structures take large-scale and innovative steps in the implementation of new projects in this direction.

Such projects are also in the focus of global organizations. Providing support in solving globally important problems such as climate changes, ecosystem disruption and environmental pollution is considered one of the moral obligations of every person.



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