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The “White Suits Girls Best” campaign won the Grand Prix

White Suits Girls Best

The joint social project of Azercell and the Azerbaijan Judo Federation won the “Ad Black Sea” International Festival.

The "White Suits Girls Best" campaign, carried out in collaboration with Azercell and the Azerbaijan Judo Federation, achieved the Grand Prix award at the "Ad Black Sea" festival.

Alongside this year's Grand Prix, the project also secured a gold prize in the "Sustainable PR Campaigns" category and received several silver and bronze awards in other categories.

The "Endorphin" advertising agency, the creative partner behind the "White Suits Girls Best" campaign, was also honored with the award for "Best Agency" at the festival.

Among 301 participants from 10 countries across 13 categories, "White Suits Girls Best" triumphed in six categories:

Grand Prix Award of the Festival for 2023

Golden prize in the "Sustainable PR Campaign" category

Silver prize in the "Corporate Objectives and Social Responsibility" category

Silver prize in the "Population within the Framework of Sustainable Development Goals" category

Bronze prize in the "Integrated Advertising Campaign" category

Bronze prize in the "Television and Film" category

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