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The training phase of the "Young beekeeper" project has been started

The training phase of the "Young beekeeper" project has been started

As part of the "Green World Solidarity Year" and COP29, the next stage of the "Young beekeeper" project, which has been implemented on the initiative of Leyla Aliyeva, the vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, the founder and head of the "IDEA" Public Union, from 2021, continues in Gabala region.

Within the framework of the "Young beekeeper" project held in Gabala region this year, the selection of the project took place as an initial stage. More than 50 applications were received from Gabala and surrounding regions to participate in the project. 39 of them were considered suitable for participation and invited to the selection stage. In the selection round, 20 young families won the right to participate in the project and were involved in training.

Young beekeepers will acquire theoretical and practical knowledge during a one-month training period consisting of three stages held in Gabala region starting from May 22, 2024, and after completing the training period, they will be provided with the bee family and hives, beekeeper clothing, beekeeping equipment and other necessary equipment for beekeeping. In the next stage, bee families will be distributed by creating the necessary conditions for the participants to carry out the production process effectively.

It should be noted that the aim of the project, initiated by the "IDEA" Public Union, and jointly organized with the Azerbaijan Youth Foundation, the State Employment Agency and the public legal entity "ABAD" is to increase the range of bees, which are the protectors of biodiversity, in our country, to promote the spread of beekeeping as a type of eco-entrepreneurship in the regions of Azerbaijan, to support the provision of natural honey production, to contribute to the improvement of the financial well-being of young families, and to ensure the employment of young people.



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