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The Republican Subject Olympiads, sponsored by Kapital Bank, have ended

The Republican Subject Olympiads, sponsored by Kapital Bank, have ended

The Republican Subject Olympiads held by the Ministry of Science and Education for the academic year 2023-2024 with the main sponsorship of the country's first bank "Kapital Bank" have ended.

The Olympiads, where in total, more than 62,000 students were registered, were organized among 8-11th grade students, in 8 subjects, in 143 centers. The students tested their knowledge in 3 rounds on the subjects of Azerbaijani language and literature, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, informatics, history and geography.

On February 24, the semi-final round of the republic stage of the Republic Subject Olympiad was held. A total of 10 thousand 997 students got the right to participate in this round. In the final round held in Baku on April 28-May 7, 490 of the 1000 students who participated in this round won. The results of the Olympiad were announced on the platform. Education support is part of the strategic plan of "Kapital Bank". Motivation of schoolchildren takes a special place in this direction. By supporting such projects, the Bank aims to identify talented students, reveal their knowledge and skills, as well as evaluate schoolchildren who stand out for their hard work. Kapital Bank, which has been sponsoring this project for the 7th year, aims to motivate students to get higher education and after a successful educational life, to prepare them for the labor market as professionals.



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