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The reporting event of "Shokki Mokki" project "My School" was held

The reporting event of "Shokki Mokki" project "My School" was held

The first national children's brand of our country "Shokki Mokki" together with UAFA, implemented the reporting event of "My School" project.

MPs, officials of a number of state institutions, heads of companies and NGOs, media representatives took part in the event organized at Heydar Aliyev Center.

The project's goodwill ambassador and presenter of the evening, Firuza Jalilova, held the event under the slogan "Hand in hand to a happy future illuminated by education".

She said that "My School" project occupies an important place among the social responsibility projects implemented in our country in recent times.

Later, the official of "Azersun Holding" Gokhan Tashdemir spoke. Mr. Gokhan said that the group of companies is sensitive to corporate social responsibility projects, and projects that are useful for the society, especially educational ones, are a priority issue for the holding. Nazrin Aliyeva, marketing manager of "Shokki Mokki" brand, and Gwen Burchell, director of UAFA Azerbaijan, shared their views on the project. They said that the "My School" project eliminated the unequal involvement of children between the ages of 2 and 6 in education, and supported women to establish their own educational businesses.

At the end of the event, certificates were given to the leading ladies who actively participated in "My School" project.

Finally, it should be noted that currently there are about 50 preschools operating within the framework of "My School" project. You can also support the project by buying Shokki Mokki products from stores.



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