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"The goal is to raise a decent generation for the future"

"The goal is to raise a decent generation for the future"

One of the addresses where young people work is "DOST" centers. Today, the population of the country turns to this service area more often and speaks with satisfaction of the high level of organization of work there. Young people working in "DOST" centers treat those who apply to them with great attention and care, and show a friendly attitude.

One of the young people working at DOST Agency is Solmaz Hasanova. She has been working in this institution since 2019. Solmaz graduated from Baku State University International Relations and UNEC Human Resources Management with diplomas of honors.

Currently, she is the head of the Department of Work with Volunteers at the DOST Agency. Speaking about the care and attention given to the population, Solmaz Hasanova said that the main goal of their work at the "DOST" centers is to support more flexible and prompt services by using the power of volunteers.

"Another program that young people join with great enthusiasm is the "Inclusive DOST" sub-program. For your information, we inform you that our DOST Inclusive Development and Creativity Center operates. In the center, the tasks arising from the requirements of the subprogram are successfully implemented. All this is of great interest to young people.

The "Corporate DOST" subprogram aims to establish cooperation with state and private institutions in the direction of corporate social responsibility. In this direction, with the participation of young volunteers, relevant projects and measures are implemented for the integration of various sensitive social groups into the society.

"Ganj DOST" subprogram unites about 4 thousand young people. The number of applicants has already exceeded one hundred thousand. Young volunteers are regularly involved in competitions."



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