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The biggest game festival of the region will be held in Azerbaijan

The biggest game festival of the region will be held in Azerbaijan

The biggest gaming festival of the region - "GameSummit Summer 2024" will take place in Baku this year on June 1-2. One of the main partners of the event is the Innovation and Digital Development Agency (IRIA). The festival will bring together the world's leading game studios, industry experts, game and e-sports enthusiasts.

Also, the second "Indie Game Award" competition among Azerbaijani game developers will be held at "GameSummit Summer 2024". The participants will compete in the categories of positive impression created by the game, uniqueness and quality of visual effects. Evaluation of the games will mainly take into account the general entertainment value, innovation, creativity, artistic and aesthetic design criteria of the game. It should be noted that the evaluation will be carried out by representatives of the Azerbaijan Game Developers Association, who are part of the jury.

As always, IRIA supports the development of game studios in our country. At the festival, game studios supported by IRIA will present their projects in the "Indie game" zone called "Powered by IDDA". So, approximately 10-15 studios will demonstrate their projects in the game zone. Among them, electronic sports and games in the genre of "indie games" prevail.

In addition, the "GameSummit Summer 2024" event is extremely important in terms of networking with Azerbaijan's game studios and the world's leading experts. The event will create new prospects for the expansion of cooperation opportunities between the game studios of Azerbaijan and other countries in the future.



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