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Support measures by "YASHAT" Foundation continue

Support measures by "YASHAT" Foundation continue

"YASHAT" Foundation supported the family of our martyr Abdulla Pashayev, who sacrificed his life for the freedom of the Motherland.

The "YASHAT" Foundation released information about this.

It was reported that our 22-year-old martyr Abdulla Pashayev was born in Ganja.

He was martyred on September 27, 2020 in the battles for Fizuli. There were three months left until the end of his military service. Abdulla Pashayev was awarded the "For the Motherland", "For the liberation of Fizuli" and "For distinction in battle" medals.

It was noted that detailed information about the reports of "YASHAT" Foundation and the funds spent can be obtained from the "Reports" section of the official website


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