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"OBA" refused to become a sponsor of the Azerbaijani club - "We did not welcome the offer"

"OBA" refused to become a sponsor of the Azerbaijani club - "We did not welcome the offer"

On January 20, a presentation event of the "Business club" project dedicated to "Zagatala" FC was held under the organization of the Football Development Fund (FDF). After that event, "Futbol+" published a news with the title "A businessman has been found to sponsor Zagatala".

There was serious information about the possible sponsorship of the "OBA" market chain, which is part of the "Veysaloglu" group of companies. In recent days, we have received interesting information about this. The outcome of the negotiations between "Zagatala" and "OBA" under the auspices of FDF does not give reason for optimism yet. To clarify this issue, we turned to Hikmet Aliyev, marketing director of the "OBA" market chain. This is what he said to "Futbol+":

"We have 1,350 stores and 8,500 employees in the country. We have decided that, as a chain of "OBA" stores, we will implement a large-scale project related to the forgotten neighborhood football, covering the entire country. In this direction, we asked for support from football clubs and the Football Development Fund. They said, "Could you support "Zagatala" football club?" Frankly, we did not welcome this offer. We think that if we sponsor "Zagatala", other regions will be offended by us. After all, "OBA" market chain covers the whole country. As a follow-up of these discussions, I also participated in the event on "Zagatala" FC held on January 20, and expressed my opinion. I think it would be better if such sponsorship negotiations were held in October and November, not in January. Because every big company is finishing its budget for the next year. At the end of the year, it discusses, approves, and determines which directions to spend money on. Let's say that our corporate social responsibility budget is 100,000 manats per year, but we cannot allocate 72,000 manats to "Zagatala". We have not said yes to "Zagatala" yet. Negotiations in this direction continue. As I mentioned, we intend to implement a project related to neighborhood football."



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