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Nar presented its socially responsible business model at ADA University

Nar presented its socially responsible business model at ADA University

Contributing to society by implementing long-term and beneficial projects, Nar shared its rich experience in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR) with students of ADA University. The presentation was conducted by the author of the CSR strategy of Nar, Director of the Corporate Communications Department Aziz Akhundov.

During the presentation, the importance of mastering social responsibility by businesses, creating CSR strategies, implementing social projects and ensuring their duration was emphasized.

As a successful model, detailed information was provided on the main directions of the CSR strategy of Nar – support for people with disabilities and projects aimed at education, awareness raising and preservation of national traditions.

It is worth recalling that a few months ago, Nar's social project, “The first electronic dictionary in Azerbaijani sign language -” was recognized as the best Corporate Social Responsibility project worldwide. Also the “Training School" projected initiated by Nar was the winner of the IPRA Golden World Awards 2019 competition in the nomination "Best CSR project".

Nar, which implements socially beneficial and globally recognized social projects, also seeks to familiarize business managers of the future with the successful CSR experience and encourage them to create a socially responsible business strategy. You can get detailed information about Nar projects in the field of corporate social responsibility on the page

Nar currently provides high-quality services to 2.2 million subscribers. Nar is the leading mobile operator in the country according to the Net Promoter Score for the last 4 years. Committed to its customer-centric strategy, “Nar” delivers excellent (best-in-class) service at an affordable price.



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