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"McDonald's Azerbaijan" and DSMF organized a seminar for children of veterans

"McDonald's Azerbaijan" and DSMF organized a seminar for children of veterans

A seminar dedicated to April 23 World Book Day was organized for children of veterans under the joint organization of "McDonald's Azerbaijan" company and the State Social Protection Fund.

Bahram Bagirzadeh participated as a special guest in the seminar attended by about 30 children of veterans living in Baku city and surrounding areas. The guest shared his ideas with the children and presented books to the young readers at the event, which was enthusiastically attended by the children.

It should be noted that the seminar is the next event held under the Memorandum of Understanding between the State Social Protection Fund and "McDonald's Azerbaijan" company.

In the long-term perspective, special attention will be paid to the provision of social assistance, including the organization of developmental and entertainment events for the children of martyrs and veterans.

The purpose of the event is to make the children of the veterans of the 44-day Patriotic War feel that they are surrounded by the special attention and care of the state and private organizations, to have fun, socialize, and effectively organize their leisure time, as well as to expand their worldviews, and to carry out educational work in the direction of increasing their interest in books. Publicizing these types of initiatives and increasing the number of such projects are among the goals.


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