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"Kepez" issued a statement on the issue of sponsorship

"Kepez" issued a statement on the issue of sponsorship

The issue of sponsorship of "Kepez" FC, which plays in the Azerbaijan Premier League, is one of the topics that is constantly on the agenda in the press.

The Ganja club has not yet found a sponsor. The club issued a statement in this regard:

"As the club's management, we work together with the Football Development Fund (FDF) to find a sponsor for Kepez. This is the most important issue for us and the management of the fund. Both together and separately, meetings and discussions are held at different levels. Negotiations with businessmen and companies are being held. Unfortunately, there is no positive progress yet. Both our club and FDF invite individual company representatives to the base to familiarize themselves with the current situation of the club. The next such meeting was held. No agreement has been reached. They just had a look at the base. Of course, if a sponsor is found for the club, we can only be happy. Because our goal is to raise Ganja football to the place it deserves."



P.S. Do you have a cool CSR idea and/or looking for a sponsor? Please fill the form on Opportunities page or discuss it via forum



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