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Formation of culture of donation in Azerbaijan - Red Hearts Foundation

‘Qırmızı Ürəklər’ (Red Hearts), which was created as an initiative group by Kapital Bank's volunteer employees in late 2019, and later continued its activities as a Foundation, tries to add value to the lives of needy people and various areas of life, and support formation of culture of donation in Azerbaijan.

The Foundation, in addition to conducting "Heroes who write history", "Homeland Garden", "Everything is possible", "They are entrusted to us", "Red Hearts educational scholarship program", "Hand over batteries, protect nature" and a number of other social projects, supports families of martyrs and veterans, orphanages and shelters, low-income families.

‘Qırmızı Ürəklər’ Foundation operates in 3 areas: Environment, Society and Animals. Since the first day, it has been implementing various projects and aid actions thanks to the donations of donors and benevolent people in these directions. Also, the Foundation acts as a partner and organizer in corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects of many local companies.

Formation of culture of donation in Azerbaijan


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