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Financial Chain Corporation’s tree-planting action

Financial Chain Corporation’s tree-planting action

Within the framework of 2024 - Green World Solidarity Year, Financial Chain Corporation, which is always actively involved in social projects and the protection of fauna and flora, this time held a tree-planting action in Mishviqabad settlement with the support of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Caspian Energy Club.

Bureau 19 and Lunchef companies also happily joined this wonderful initiative of Financial Chain Corporation, in which 100 Eldar pine and olive trees were planted. Before the action, the area was cleaned of waste and drip irrigation systems were installed.

The purpose of the action held under the slogan Better Nature, Better Future was to protect the environment by planting trees, restore the ecological balance and contribute to nature.

As you know, one of Azerbaijan's 5 national priorities for social and economic development is a clean and healthy environment as well as greenery growth. For this reason, improving the environment, restoring and increasing greenery are among the most important issues at the moment.



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