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CSR Initiative by PD&MS

As part of CSR initiative, PD&MS has provided aid and support to Baku charity "Meals for the Elderly", which is run by the Azerbaijan Humanitarian Association of Jewish Women.

The charity is run by Dr Larissa with the help of 4 other volunteers, who offer support and compassion to every individual, who eats in their centre. Serving in 2 shifts, catering for around 22 people in each, the kitchen operates 6 days a week to provide one home-cooked meal and a homely feel to the elderly men and women.

Since developing an understanding of how the centre is run and the areas of which support would have the most benefit, PD&MS is providing financial support which will go towards the purchase of food and the running costs of the kitchen. This will go a long way in helping the centre continue providing the vital work that they do.

CSR Initiative by PD&MS



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